Why I Struggle to Accept Grace

Dave Ramsey

Although I normally miss it due to being at work, I listen to the Dave Ramsey show on the radio any chance i get during the week. I’ve also read his books and thoroughly enjoy hearing him speak about finances and other important topics. If I’m being completely honest; however, one of the reasons I enjoy listening is quite abominable. I enjoy the show because I see the financial wrecks that people are in, which makes me feel better by comparison. I judge the people who have tens of thousands of dollars in credit card bills due to irresponsible living. It’s largely the same reason America loves Toddlers & Tiaras, Jersey Shore, and celebrity train wrecks like Lindsay Lohan. We often enjoy looking at others’ misfortunes because it solidifies our opinion that we aren’t that bad off after all.

Picture This

Imagine this scenario: The US Government announces that all personal debt will be eliminated effective immediately. Credit cards, student loans, mortgages, etc, are all paid off. What?! This is an outrage! Sure, I have a mortgage and some student loans, but there are people that are far worse off. These people deserve to be punished for their rash spending and poor choices. They haven’t done anything to deserve this kind act. I’m sure by now that you’ve realized where I’m going with this, but stay with me. People would spend the next days, weeks, and even months rejoicing and dancing in the streets that their debt was paid off without any acts of their own.

Graceful God

God is the government who cancels all of our debt. The difference in this scenario is that we all have mounds of sin that make our national debt look like a roll of quarters. No one is debt free. The same rational mind that wants justice against those who don’t deserve their financial debts to be forgiven is the same mind that is trying to wrap itself around the idea of a grace given freely & without merit. Those people don’t deserve to be debt free any more than I deserve God’s grace and mercy. That’s what is so amazing about God, He doesn’t want our IOU’s. He knows that we will always continue to write bad checks and increase our debt (sin). He has already written a check for us, we just have to accept it. He wants us to accept His grace. He wants ME to accept his grace. Yet I struggle to do that every day. I would never turn down a chance to have my financial debt paid off, yet I often fail to accept the grace that pays my spiritual debt. I should be dancing in the streets because of what He has done! Hopefully I can begin to do this on a daily basis. Only then can I live with the freedom that comes with being washed clean of all my debt.