Best & Worst Commercials from Super Bowl XLVII

I haven’t blogged since I wrote a post back in August. What would inspire me to come out of my blogging hibernation? The Super Bowl of course. Clearly, discussing the game itself would be a waste of time, so I figured I would share my thoughts on my favorite and least favorite Super Bowl commercials of the evening. It’s possible that I missed one or two, but here are my choices from the ones I saw. Feel free to disagree in the comments…

Most Overrated – Dodge Ram Farmer

I didn’t think the commercial was bad by any means, I just felt it was too long and slightly overpraised. I’m too young to appreciate Paul Harvey, so maybe that’s the problem…

Most Disappointing – E-Trade Baby

I might be the biggest fan on the planet when it comes to E-Trade baby commercials, having watched every single one of them on YouTube. I laughed during this one, but I’ve come to expect more than it provided.

Worst Commercials

5) Calvin Klein

Maybe I’m just giving this such a low score because I’m a dude (who doesn’t have a 12-pack), but it seemed sleazy regardless. Ladies, feel free to disagree with me here.

4) Blackberry

Oh Blackberry, your failures never cease to amaze me. You had a golden opportunity to show the world what your last chance at survival can do, and you blew it.

3) Coke

Coke always seems to be hit or miss and this one was a huge fail. It’s possible I missed something, but “The Chase” seemed pointless and gave me zero incentive to go vote for the winner.

2) GoDaddy

Hand it to GoDaddy, they always seem to get people talking about them after the Super Bowl. This one was tasteless and gross as usual. End of story.

1) Century21 (All of them)

Whoever is in charge of this ad campaign needs to be looking for a new job. They weren’t clever in the slightest and left me feeling uncomfortable. It’s like the “But I did stay at a Holiday Inn” commercials, except that they aren’t well-executed. Fail.


Best Commercials

Honorable Mentions: “Leon Sandcastle” and Audi

5) Best Buy with Amy

This might have been the most practical commercial of the night, but was also entertaining. It’s hard not to love Amy Poehler, especially when she’s hitting on Best Buy employees. “Does it make you uncomfortable when I use the word dongle?”

4) Oreo Library

People seemed to either love or hate this one. Count me on the love side. “You guys have to stop fighting, we’re the cops” was my favorite one liner of the evening.

3) Taco Bell Old People

Commercials are generally better when they have either old people or babies, and these old people were awesome. The Spanish version of “We are Young” was an interesting touch too.

2) Hyundai Kids

Kid Gingers lifting weights, hick kid wrestling a bear, and black kid saving a man from a burning building, what more could you want from a commercial? Had me laughing the whole time.

1) Budweiser Clydesdale

Not sure how Budweiser does it every year, but they seem to find a way to keep cranking out incredible commercials. The fact that I happen to love “Landslide” means I was done from the start. Definitely pulled on your heart strings, even if it was outrageous.