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2018 Masters Preview

I haven’t written anything here in a really long time, but I felt the 2018 Masters warranted a re-entry into the writing world. Unfortunately the week got away from me a little bit, so I didn’t quite get to write as much content as I would have liked. As I’m writing this, a storm is […]

Who Should Ohio State Start at QB?

Last season, Ohio State did the unthinkable. They rebounded from an embarrassingly bad loss to Virginia Tech at home to run the table and reach the inaugural 4-team playoff. They were catapulted by a 59-0 blowout of a respectable Wisconsin team in the Big Ten Championship, which was enough to sway the committee into selecting them […]

Joseph’s Journal on the Night of Christ’s Birth

As I get older, Christmas continues to take on new meanings each year. As cheesy as it sounds, Christmas is more about family, friends, and remembering Jesus’ birth than it is about presents and silly tacky Christmas parties. Each year, it seems as though a new element of the story of Christ’s birth stands out to […]

Everyone Loves Jeter, But Is He Overrated?

Derek Jeter has officially played his last game as a professional baseball player. Jeter announced that he will forego the final series vs. the Red Sox to preserve the final memories of his last game at Yankee Stadium. Jeter is being heralded as an all-time great and a once-in-a-generation player. Are these claims valid? There […]

If America’s Best Athletes Played Soccer: Starting XI

The United States Mens National Team just finished a memorable journey in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Although their performances were heralded as “valiant”, “gutsy”, “formidable”, etc., they ultimately fell short. There was an obvious gap in ability when playing against superior opponents such as Germany and Belgium. The U.S. is making strides in […]

How Will The US Line Up Vs. Portugal?

Although the USMNT won their dramatic opener vs. Ghana, it wasn’t without consequence for the Yanks. They lost their line-leading forward, Jozy Altitore. The US failed to make much of an impact going forward without Altidore and had to be bailed out with a header from substitute centerback John Brooks.  The US doesn’t have a replacement player […]

Who Has the Best Playoffs in Professional Sports?

The NHL Stanley Cup Final and NBA Finals are both underway, making this one of the best seasons for avid sports fans. The playoffs for these two sports are often compared because they are running simultaneously, but where do they stack up against the other US professional sports? For the purposes of this article, I […]

Why We Should Treat Our Faith More Like Crossfit

A few weeks back, I tweeted (and posted to Facebook) the following about Crossfit: I've never done Crossfit, but I pulled out a fully submerged iron pool chair w/o falling in, so I think I get the idea. — Taylor Ezell (@TaylorEzell) March 14, 2014 Naturally, it was well-received with plenty of favorites and comments […]

Grading the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi have come and gone, seemingly over in just a few short days. The 98 events featured almost 3,000 competing athletes from 88 countries. The host nation came away with surprising victories in both the most golds and most total medals. The United States team, considered heavy favorites before the […]